After you launch the application the first time you will have to register it to your school’s assigned ORG Unit ID


Step 1  – Select Assign Device to ORG Unit button



Step nr.2

Please locate your ORG Unit ID from the attached inline spreadsheet and enter it in the ORG Unit ID box Select ADD

The ORG Unit ID is case sensitive !


Alice Drive Elementary 7yAfhlFcW
Aice Drive Middle mJWOpxFq-
Bates Middle School mk99plYqb
Mayewood Middle School XkNBCgFcZ
Cherryvale Elementary myUHkZY9W
Chestnut Oaks 7J2FkbKq-
Crosswell Drive Elementary XyxqgbK9b
Ebenezer Middle School QJ8Ub-Yq-
Furman Middle School QyFd-bFcW
High Hills Elementary Q10gzbF5W
Hillcrest Middle Schools QJyRGZY9Z
Kingsbury Elementary XktIQbY9b
Lemira Elementary School myh17bK5b
Manchester Elementary School 7kk1NbK5-
Millwood Elementary X1397-Fqb
Pocalla Elementary mJ2qEbYcZ
Rafting Creek Elementary 71Yp4-t5W
Wilder Elementary QklFrZYcW
Willow Drive Elementary XJAJI-FcW
WIDA X1gem0m6G


At this time No changes required for Delaine Elementary , R.E. Davis Elementary and Shaw Heights Elementary.

Enter the ORG Unit ID in the box shown below. Select ADD


After you selected add the org unit id will show up below the box to confirm that it was correct and it was accepted.

If you receive a message with invalid ORG Unit Id you typed in the incorrect ID. Please try again.

IMG_20160420_110454 IMG_20160420_110500 IMG_20160420_110548 IMG_20160420_110612 IMG_20160420_110657 IMG_20160420_110705


To complete the registration you must select register.

At this time application will launch .



This ORG ID  is case sensitive.