Helpdesk Support

What is Helpdesk Support?

Help desk support allows organizations to resolve technical issues quickly, allowing different departments to work more efficiently. Help desk support is responsible for arranging information, streamlining workflow, and reducing or eliminating manual processes.

Various IT companies have set up help desk support to answer queries from their customers. The questions and answers are usually transferred via email, telephone, website, or online chat. Moreover, some companies have internal help desks that aim to provide the same form of help, but exclusively for their employees.

help desk support system systematizes an issue resolution workflow, streamlines information, and keeps everyone informed through email alerts. So rather than having to track down a tech specialist to get assistance, employees can just call the help desk team.

In case help desk support cannot resolve an issue they will log, and assign issues to the appropriate techs automatically, providing convenience for all parties involved.


Please tap into this valuable resource available to you from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


Thomas Ragin

IT Helpdesk Technician

 Phone: 803-469-6900 Extension 116

Lorenzo Crossman

IT Helpdesk Technician

 Phone: 803-469-6900 Extension 135