2015-2016 End-of-Year Technology Procedures Checklist for Teachers


Inventory all computer equipment (desktops, laptops, printers, Chromebooks, iPads, etc.) using the new electronic Technology Inventory Form. When completed, email as an attachment to the school Technology Contact.

Shut down all classroom desktop computers and unplug from outlets if machines will moved from your room (this includes for floor cleaning).

Cover computers with trash bags to keep dust at a minimum.

Remove all ink cartridges from inkjet printers and store them in plastic bags so jets do not dry up over the summer.

Secure all technology equipment such as laptops, projectors, document cameras, cameras, iPods, iPads, computer mice, etc. that will be left at the school in a locked area.

Disconnect all power cords/connection cables for equipment, ActivPanels, Promethean boards, Promethean accessories and cables, projector remotes, iPods, iPads, etc.and cover the pc with a plastic bag so that they do not get lost during summer maintenance projects, moving, etc .

Schedule virus and operating system updates for all laptops with the Technology Specialist (even if you are planning to check-out the equipment for the summer.)

If transferring to a different school, check with the Technology Specialist or Director of Technology via email or phone regarding your equipment. Do not assume it automatically goes with you.

Submit any necessary equipment repairs to the Technology Department by completing and submitting a work order in Track It.

Prepare any broken/outdated electronic equipment for removal from school building for recycling. The Technology Specialist will designate an area for collection.