Administrators, Teachers and Staff,
Cybercrime is getting more serious by the month.
The bad guys are getting quite smart about tricking people into clicking on fraudulent links or opening up malicious attachments in emails.

Sumter School District has decided that it is really important that everyone gets comprehensive Security Awareness Training.
We need to defend our organization against Cyber crime, and security is everyone’s job.
The first line and best line of defense against these threats is YOU.
Please have this training completed by January 15, 2018.

Here is the link for you to start this training:

Select radio button

( ) Sign in to one of the following sites: Select KnowBe4

Click the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you are using Edge or Internet Explorer on the next page type in your firstname.lastname and the current password you have for your corporate email. (

In case you are using a Chrome or Firefox browser you need to use this format in the username field: sumter\firstname.lastname

Click the ‘Start Course’ button on your training page to begin your training.

NOTE: It is important to close your course browser window to record course completion, or if you need to pause the training for an extended period of time.
Once you log back in, it will allow you to resume your training.

This Security Awareness training is required by the State and is mandatory.
Not completing the training may result in loosing temporary access to certain resources or even to your account.

Thanks for your cooperation, and have fun!